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How to control the temperature of the kiln?

Date:2019-11-28 14:52 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1. Ventilation strength-strong ventilation will heat up fast. Controlling the strength of ventilation can be performed by adjusting the shutter, changing the gap of the grate, and artificially blowing;
2. Varying the temperature of the gas entering the kiln-The high temperature of the gas entering the kiln is conducive to combustion and heating. The method of preheating air can increase the heating value of the gas entering the kiln, thereby increasing the firing temperature;
3. Prevent cold air from entering the kiln-Cold air will invade the kiln, which will slow down the heating rate. In order to prevent gas from entering the kiln, the kiln wall should be sealed and the time and frequency of ash removal should be mastered;
4. Coal should also pay attention to control the amount of coal each time, control the size of coal blocks (small coal blocks and more air), control the time of coal addition, and master the method of coal addition.
Before firing the kiln, it is necessary to determine a graph of heating and cooling according to the characteristics of the glaze being burned. The distribution of the curve is closely related to the following factors:
1. Composition and purity of billet;
2. The water content of the green body when it enters the kiln;
3. The thickness and size of the green body, and the temperature conductivity of the green body;
4. The type, structure and capacity of the kiln, and the density of the kiln;
5. Formation and transformation of high temperature crystalline phase and the characteristics of the billet. For medium-sized kiln, the heating rate for firing white porcelain is within the following range: dehydration period-heating up to 20-40 ° C per hour and firing to 500 ° C; oxidation period-heating up to 50-70 ° C per hour From 500 ° C to about 900 ° C; Vitrification period-heating up 25-35 ° C per hour, from about 900 ° C to 1350 ° C; holding period-about 5 ° C to 15 ° C rising per hour.

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