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ceramic fiber blanket

ceramic fiber blanket

  • Density:96/128/160 kg/m3
  • Tensile strength:≥0.04 Mpa
  • Operating Temperature:950℃
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity(average 500℃):≤0.153W/(m.k)
  • Shot Content(Φ≥0.212mm):≤15%

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Product Description:
Sunrise ceramic fiber blanket series products through the selection of high-quality high purity ceramic bulk fiber , using resistance furnace melting, continuous spinning into fiber, cotton collection, double-sided needling, high temperature setting, horizontal and vertical cutting, rolling, made of light thermal insulation refractory.The advanced production technology makes the fiber layer interwoven evenly, the slag ball content is low, the lamination resistance and tensile strength are good, the flexibility is excellent, the wind erosion resistance is excellent.Ensure that the fiber blanket in high and low temperature working conditions can maintain good performance and stability.Widely used in industrial furnace wall lining, back lining insulation, high temperature pipe insulation, electrical components heat insulation fire proof, ceramic fiber module raw materials.

Product Characteristics:
◆ Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity;
◆ Excellent chemical stability (except hydrofluoric acid and strong base);
◆ Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;
◆ Excellent tensile strength;
◆ Excellent heat insulation, fire resistance and sound absorption.

◆ Heat insulation lining walls of furnaces, boilers and glass furnaces for aerospace, non-ferrous metal smelting, and petrochemical industry,heat insulation of furnace doors and roof;
◆ Furnace lining thermal insulation;
◆ Wall lining of thermal insulation equipment and heating equipment for electric boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power plants in chemical industry;
◆ High temperature pipe insulation, flue lining;
◆ Electrical components heat and fire insulation, high temperature insulation;
◆ High temperature gasket, ceramic fiber module raw materials;
◆ Fire prevention and heat insulation in ships, fire prevention and heat insulation in high-rise buildings;
◆ Auto insulation and silencing components;
◆ High temperature filter material.
Technical Data
Physical and chemical indicators

Type Common1100 Standard1260 HA1300 LZ1350 HZ1430 Bio-Fiber1100
Operating Temperature(℃) 950 1100 1200 1250 1350 1000
Density (kg/m3) 96/128/160
Coefficient of thermal conductivity(average 500℃) W/(m.k) ≤0.153
Shot Content (Φ≥0.212mm) (%) ≤15
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥0.04
Linear shrinkage on Heating (%) 950℃*24h≤-3 1100℃*24h≤-3 1200℃*24h≤-3 1250℃*24h≤-3 1350℃*24h≤-3 1000℃*24h≤-3
Chemical Position
Al2O3 ≥40 44-47 51-53 43-45 ≥34 <1.0
Al2O3+SiO2 ≥95 ≥98 ≥99 ≥90   SiO2 61-67
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2         ≥99 CaO 27-33
ZrO2       5-7 ≥15 MgO 2.5-7
Fe2O3 <0.6 <0.5 ≤0.3 ≤0.2 ≤0.2 <0.6
Na2O+K2O ≤0.3 ≤0.2 ≤0.2 ≤0.2 ≤0.2 -
Common Size (mm) 15000*610/1220*10;
Can customized
        Package Woven bags or cartons

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