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What is the basic role of ceramic fiber blankets in kiln insulation?

Date:2019-12-02 16:32 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
In recent years, ceramic fiber blankets have been widely used, especially in kiln insulation, which play an increasing role. The basic role of ceramic fiber blankets is to play the role of fire resistance, heat insulation and high temperature reflection in the kiln. It has the energy-saving effect on the insulation of the kiln interior wall. The space contained between the aluminum silicate fibers is used for heat insulation. The random gas thermal conductivity of the air in the space is very low, and the heat reflection has a high reflection ability. Ability to reflect heat back into the kiln. To achieve the best control of heat.
Ceramic fiber blankets have excellent fire resistance, and are often used in industrial thermal insulation. They are especially good at heat insulation and refractory materials for high-temperature furnaces. Ceramic fiber blankets have strong heat insulation capabilities, so they can save more heat and are similar thermal insulation. 1.2 times the energy saving capacity of thermal insulation materials such as thermal insulation bricks. The ceramic fiber used in the spinning blanket is thicker and longer than the blown blanket, so the spinning blanket has higher tensile and flexural strength than the blown blanket, which is suitable for those with higher requirements for folding and tensile resistance. Insulation environment.
What is the basic role of ceramic fiber blankets in kiln insulation?
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