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Five Advantages of Ceramic Fiber Board

Date:2017-05-04 17:00 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Five advantages of ceramic fiber board:
1. High refractory temperature
Ceramic fiber board,  according to the different chemical composition, the actual use of temperature is generally 800 ℃ ~ 1850 ℃. So ceramic fiber board has excellent fire resistance.
2. Low thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity is a physical property of material and is the only indicator to show adiabatic performance of material.  Thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber board is very small, when at 600 ℃, 0.08w / n.k, is about one-fifth to one-third of light refractory brick.

3. Small heat capacity
Ceramic fiber board compared to refractory brick and insulation brick, its thermal capacity value is very small. Heat capacity of ceramic fiber board is about 1/14 ~ 1/13 of refractory brick, is 1/7 ~ 1/6 of insulation brick. In the same temperature rise, the ceramic fiber board to absorb the heat is 1/14 ~ 1/13 of the refractory brick, is 1/7 ~ 1/6 of insulation brick, and the temperature rise time is 14 to 13 times faster than refractory brick, 7 to 6 times faster than insulation brick. Both save heat energy, and improve the production efficiency.
4. Small bulk density
Bulk density of ceramic fiber board is generally 280 ~ 500kg / m3, about 1/3 of light brick, 1/5 of light refractory castable. Quality is small, the absorption of heat is less, temperature rise is faster, played a saving effect.
5. Ceramic fiber board has the advantages of the correct size, good flatness, high strength, light thermal shock resistance, spalling resistance and so on.

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