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The characteristics of ceramic fiber board

Date:2017-05-15 17:54 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber board is rigid, high temperature ceramic fiber board, use jet fiber as ceramic fiber board raw materials, adding a certain proportion of binder, filler-level additives, through beater, in the pulp pool fully dispersed into slurry. Pump into the molding tank and stir with compressed air. Put he mold into the molding pool, use the principle of vacuum, make the fiber slurry absorb on the mold.
Ceramic fiber board has: low thermal conductivity, good high temperature stability, anti-air erosion, uniform density, excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical erosion. and it is easy to install. Because of its strong adiabatic ability, it helps to reduce energy costs and cycle time, and can protect the furnace shell from thermal shock. Can be used directly as refractory material.
Due to process requirements, in the production process, adding a small amount of organic or inorganic adhesives. If an organic binder is added, the organic binder will burn at a temperature between 285 ° C and 450 ° C when the end user is first heated, after the organic binder burns, the color of the plate is white.

Product features:
1. High compressive strength, long service life.
2. Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity.
3. Non-brittle material, good toughness.
4. The precise size, good flatness.
5. Easy to install, easy to construct.
6. Excellent corrosion resistance performance.
7. Continuous production,uniform fiber distribution, stable performance.

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