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Types of ceramic fiber blanket

Date:2017-04-21 17:00 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber blanket is the product to adopt relatively unique way, and this product is itself, in fact, there are still a lot of other categories, each type, its use conditions and the environment, and

even its own performance , maybe it will be different, then you know what types? Then we will understand together.

Ceramic fiber blanket adopts a special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filament by a special double-sided acupuncture process molding. After double-sided acupuncture process greatly

improved the degree of fiber weaving, anti-stratification properties, tensile strength and surface smoothness. The fiber blanket does not contain any organic binder, in order to ensure that the

ceramic fiber blanket has good manufacturability and stability under high temperature and low temperature conditions.

Commonly ceramic fiber blanket has ceramic fiber square blanket, which is made of high quality ceramic fiber rectangular braid, often used for heating preservation, heating  insulation material, is

the ideal substitute for mineral wool blanket. Used for a variety of blast furnace, burner, heat exchanger, flue door seal. Its main specification CAZ-CF302I for the wire to enhance.

There is also a pottery twist blanket, it is made of multi-stranded ceramic wire twisted, used for heating preservation, heating insulation material, is the ideal substitute for mineral wool blanket.

Used in a variety of seals of blast furnace, expansion joints, etc.  Specifications CAZ-CF304I for the wire to enhance.

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