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The Classification of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Date:2016-01-21 10:26 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
According to the manufacturing method, ceramic fiber blanket can be divided into common type, standard type, high pure type and zirconite type. It is made of ceramic fiber cotton by needling, heat setting, cutting and rolling. 
The Classification of Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Needle ceramic fiber blankets with the same bulk density and different thickness provide a wide choice. Spun ceramic fiber blanket has uniform diameter, long fibers and low shot content which improves its delamination resistance, erosion resistance, flexibility and tensile strength. Spun blanket contains no binders and have good stability in various environments. 
The classification temperature of common ceramic fiber blanket is 1050℃, that of standard ceramic fiber blanket is 1260℃ and that of high pure ceramic fiber blanket is 1260℃. 
Ceramic fiber needle blanket has low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, good thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, and tensile strength and excellent insulation properties. 
It is widely used as high temperature insulation materials in furnaces, kilns, generators, reformers, boilers and other high temperature equipment, fire resistance and insulation materials in military equipment and high-temperature sealing materials in furnace door, and expansion joints. 

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