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Application of ceramic fiber as sound absorption and sound insulation material

Date:2020-03-31 16:03 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber products are porous aggregates of fine fibers, which have excellent sound absorption and sound insulation performance.
Firstly, because the fiber product itself has many tiny pores connected between the fibers, when the sound wave is incident on the fiber material and propagates inside, the viscous resistance of the air in the pores and the frictional resistance between the fibers will A part of the acoustic energy is converted into heat energy to form a loss.
Secondly, when the air in the pores is compressed, the temperature of the surrounding environment increases, and the temperature decreases when the air is sparse, and the fiber's heat conduction will lose a part of the acoustic energy. Ceramic fiber has been mainly made of cotton board as a sound absorbing material. Except for the ultra-fine glass wool board and slag cotton board, the average sound absorption coefficient of other ceramic fiber cotton boards is higher than 0.80. It belongs to high sound absorbing material and has been widely used in industries, construction, transportation and other fields. It is a sound-absorbing product worthy of promotion in isolating noise pollution.

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