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Application of ceramic fiber as filter material

Date:2020-03-26 15:40 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Compared with traditional granular filter materials, fiber filter materials have larger interface adsorption and can retain suspended matter; compared with foam ceramic filters, they have smaller pore sizes and higher filtration accuracy; compared with organic fiber filters, they have Better thermal stability, chemical stability and thermal shock resistance. Therefore, ceramic fiber materials have been widely used in air purification, high-temperature flue gas filtration, diesel exhaust micro-filter capture, chemical filtration, and metal liquid filtration due to their high strength, good thermal shock resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. .
Ceramic fiber filters can be divided into ceramic fiber composite membrane materials, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic inner mesh (cloth), and ceramic fiber filter bodies.
The manufacturing process and application range of each material are different, which largely meets the requirements of filtration standards in various production scenarios. Ceramic fiber filtration technology can reduce atmospheric environmental pollution and human harmful factors in air purification, high-temperature flue gas filtration, and diesel exhaust micro-filtration capture. It can reduce the waste rate and reduce the generation of invalid waste in metal liquid filtration and chemical filtration. Energy conservation and environmental protection all play an important role.

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