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Brief Analysis of Six Product Advantages of Sunrise Refractory Aluminum Silicate Ceramic Fiberboard

Date:2020-03-13 11:52 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
What are the advantages of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard as a new type of refractory insulation material over ordinary refractory materials? The following is explained by Sunrise Refractory for everyone:
(1) Low bulk density: Ceramic fiber board is more than 75% lighter than light heat-insulating brick furnace lining and 90% to 95% lighter than light castable furnace lining. If plate insulation is used, the steel structure load of the furnace can be greatly reduced Extend the furnace life.
(2) Low heat capacity (heat storage): The heat capacity of ceramic plates is only about 1/10 of that of light heat-resistant linings and light castable linings. The speed of furnace opening and closing is fast, reducing energy consumption in temperature control operations. the amount.
(3) Low thermal conductivity: about 1/10 of the lightweight heat-resistant lining (castable), the thermal insulation effect is significant.
(4) Excellent resistance to thermal shock and mechanical shock: Ceramic fiberboard has flexibility, and has particularly excellent resistance to severe temperature fluctuations and mechanical shock. Under the premise of being heated, the ceramic fiberboard can be heated or cooled at any fast speed and is not easily damaged.
(5) No oven required: ceramic fiberboard can be put into use after construction, no oven program is required.
(6) Wide application range: With the development of refractory fiber production technology and application technology, ceramic fiberboard has achieved serialization and functionalization. From the use temperature, the product can meet the requirements of different temperature grades from 600 ° C to 1600 ° C. . Fully meet the requirements of different industrial furnaces in various industries for the use of thermal insulation materials.

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