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The Role of Ceramic Fiber Modules in Heating Furnaces

Date:2019-04-28 17:18 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The application of the ceramic fiber module on the heating furnace has the functions of lowering the surface temperature of the furnace part, reducing fuel consumption, increasing the output, reducing the oxidation loss, and improving the life of the furnace. details as follows:
1) The surface temperature of the furnace body drops. In the case of normal heating production, the furnace insulation and insulation were tested. The test parts were heating, soaking and top of the furnace. The test results showed that the furnace wall without ceramic fiber module showed an average temperature of 271.0 degrees. After application, the furnace wall shows an average temperature of 119.3 degrees, which reduces the surface heat dissipation of various parts of the furnace body.
2) Reduced fuel consumption and increased production. The installation of the ceramic fiber module lining is carried out during the inspection of the furnace. In the same period, the cumulative consumption of gas after the application of ceramic fiber module lining decreased by 4.7%, while the amount of incoming billet increased by 6.09% and the output of finished product increased by 6.72%.
3) Oxidation loss is reduced. The ceramic fiber module is used as the lining of the furnace to improve the quality of the steel, the heat sensitivity of the furnace is increased, and the heating speed is fast, so that the oxidized burning loss rate of the steel slab can be controlled at 1.55% to 1.65%, which is lower than that of the furnace lining without ceramic fiber module. The damage rate was reduced by 0.157%.
4) The furnace life is extended. The ceramic fiber module lining, the temperature of the side wall is reduced by 41 degrees on average, and the temperature of the top of the furnace is reduced by 113.9 degrees on average, which delays the rapid cooling caused by the direct erosion of the flame, thereby prolonging the service life of the furnace masonry.

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