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Masonry technology of refractory kiln

Date:2017-09-25 11:07 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Well designed kiln, must be carefully masonry, masonry quality of the kiln life, fuel consumption, glass melting and drawing operations have a great impact. In order to meet the kiln brick masonry building size and kiln thermal expansion and other basic requirements, so the furnace wall of the brick, the bottom of the shop floor tile must be cut. In addition, the reasonable reserve of the expansion joints between the refractory bricks is also an extremely important link. The following is a brief introduction to masonry technical points.
    1. Steel frame acceptance and pre-masonry
   (1) according to the kiln construction line and the furnace center line, the steel structure of the construction line. According to the steel structure design requirements and construction allow deviation to lay the main and secondary beams and flat steel, but also the construction of the access steel structure.
   (2) In order to ensure the quality of masonry construction and construction progress, the size of the brick and brick walls have strict requirements, pavement tiles and all the load-bearing arch brick should be pre-masonry. But if the above-mentioned brick size accuracy is very high, in full compliance with the design requirements, but also not pre-masonry. Where the pre-masonry brick must be numbered in the order, the official masonry when the condemnation.
     2. Masonry sequence and method
   (1) on the basis of the acceptance of the bottom of the steel structure, according to the kiln construction line and the kiln center line release related to the feed port, before and after the row of bubbles and forming the center of the wire drawing the center line.
   (2) the bottom of the masonry, including the bottom of the road. Puzzle good insulation brick and kaolin bricks, in the masonry pool wall inside and outside the relaxed 30-50mm leveling. Multi-layer underground structure in the masonry must be controlled by the standard negative deviation, the total thickness of the bottom of the allowable deviation is generally -3mm. In the bottom of the kaolin brick above the laying of a layer of chrome ramming material as a seal layer, to prevent the penetration of glass to the corrosion of poor clay brick.
   (3) wall masonry, including access to the pool wall. Masonry wall of the bottom brick must ensure that the level, or to the bottom of the site for processing, until the requirements. Multi-layer pool wall brick masonry, the first after the field operation, to ensure that the size of the furnace, is strictly prohibited brick chisel face facing the furnace. Corner to be staggered stitch masonry, and strictly maintain the vertical degree.
   (4) lifting the column. Take temporary measures to stabilize the column, and then according to the design requirements to install ballast ballast, column and ballast ballast must be close, while the standard elevation.
   (5) masonry large arch. Production of fetal tires, by the arch to do the load test and the corresponding size of the inspection, the large arch by the two sides at the same time to the central masonry, and require continuous operation, try to control in! * + Completed. Large arch insulation layer construction after the end of the kiln to be carried out.
   (6) Masonry chest wall, front wall, rear wall and access to the flame space. The masonry of the chest wall should be carried out after careful inspection of the bracket, pallet and support frame. Masonry hooks and chest tiles have to take measures to prevent dumping into the kiln.
   (7) Masonry flue, chimney. Must be removed in the kiln debris, and with a vacuum cleaner after the masonry. Furnace flue and chimney masonry, but also with the metal heat exchanger to match the access chimney must wait for the masonry after the masonry.
   (8) masonry method dry and wet build two kinds of wet.
     Dry parts: the melting section and the bottom of the channel, the wall of the wall, the flame of the space parts of the hook bricks, melting and flue of the arch steel, fused brick masonry and access to the top of the brick.
     Wet parts: the melting side of the fire wall of the side wall and arch top, flue, chimney and kiln insulation layer of brick, wet mud should be used according to the use of refractory brick prepared with the corresponding refractory mud.
     3. Masonry quality requirements and inspection
   (1) brick. Require the gap between the brick and brick to be small, the space parts of the masonry masonry to allow the thickness of the general does not exceed 2mm. Arch top brick requirements less than 1mm, insulation brick can be expanded to 3mm.
   (1) expansion joints. Refractory brick heat will be inflated, should be based on the use of brick and the location of the temperature conditions to set up expansion joints. The average value of the expansion slits left in the masonry per 1 m length can be obtained by the average linear expansion coefficient. Bottom brick, brick wall, should be properly reduced to prevent the dissatisfaction of E glass unit kiln used mainly refractory dense chrome brick, dense zircon brick expansion joints average of about 5mm. Expansion joints to be evenly divided (spacing is not greater than 2m) set, between the internal and external brick set by the closed, between the upper and lower brick interchanges between the set, the expansion should be kept clean, the outer seal with a tape.
   (2) allow error. On the elevation, horizontal, vertical, line size and masonry surface flatness has a strict tolerance range. Masonry tiles with a ruler inspection, the thickness of the ruler is equal to the thickness of the inspection of the slit. The flatness is checked in all directions with 2 m. In the end of all the inspection and cleaning the kiln several times after the sealing treatment, to minimize the external debris, dust.

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