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Henan refractories face changes in production capacity or into the future development trend

Date:2017-09-20 16:05 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
 In recent years, with the refractory industry overcapacity and other factors, most refractory enterprises in Henan Province is facing severe challenges, the industry dilemma has become the common problem of most refractory enterprises.
    At present, Henan refractory is facing five major dilemmas:
   ① enterprise scale loose. Refractory enterprises are small, scattered, and more backward state will remain long.
   ② market shrinking. At present, the refractory industry is seriously homogeneous, the competition of similar products is fierce, the enterprise profit is low, the users return money is difficult, the loan financing is difficult, the liquidity is insufficient and the funds are tense.
   ③ lack of raw material resources allocation. Henan refractory enterprises mining, processing bauxite base less, the main raw materials and major products industry chain supply and demand has not yet been fully established.
   ④ environmental awareness indifferent. At present, Henan refractory enterprises own energy-saving environmental protection and emission reduction awareness is relatively weak, product research and development capabilities need to be improved.
 The future, with the refractory industry restructuring, capital, market, technology and other advantages of the powerful combination of enterprises or become the future development trend. Henan refractories currently occupy an important position in the domestic market, the future or to a deeper structural adjustment of the road.

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