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How should Refractory Material Industry develop healthily?

Date:2016-08-11 18:07 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
In 2011, the world produced 43 million tons of refractory material, China's refractories production accounted for 69% of global production. China's refractories industry should how to develop

healthily, become concerned about the topic of a peak BBS delegates.

The following five aspects of perception and thinking: the first is the international well-known refractory material enterprises in the enterprise development strategy on the capital operation, merger,

acquisition and reorganization as an important way to do bigger and stronger, attaches great importance to the investment in emerging countries and expand market share, and pay attention to

safety, product coordination and market coordination, clear goal, plan, specific characteristic advantage prominent, researched the development theme. The second is the development focus on

efficiency. These well-known enterprises to benefit with clear goals and expectations. They not only pay attention to the individual equipment in the field of automation, equipment automation of

individual process, but also pay attention to the whole process, the equipment automation and process control of the whole system. In the aspect of quality control, pay attention to the whole

process control, rather than the finished product sampling inspection. The third is to pay attention to environmental protection, safety and social responsibility. The fourth is to pay attention to

strengthen technological innovation ideas and strength. These well-known enterprises will regard technological innovation as a necessary condition for enterprise production and development.

They have a high quality talent team, technical innovation and research ability are strong, bright feature, financial resource, big human input, have a number of invention patents in the field, thus

consolidate maintain the industry leading position.

China's refractories production is big, has important position in the world. But also should realize soberly, refractory industry in China is big but not strong, the most is not high value-added

products, refractories enterprises lack of comprehensive competitiveness, compared with foreign well-known refractory material enterprise also has many gaps. Due to the different national

conditions, how to study and draw lessons from foreign advanced experience and practice, how to deal with complex situation, how to promote China's refractories industry sustainable and

healthy development,the industry should actively communicate, discuss and formulate development strategies.

Refractory industry development should pay attention to five promotions: the first is to improve industrial concentration. The second is to improve production process and equipment level. The

third is to enhance the level of science innovation, pay attention to promote independent innovation ability. The fourth is to improve enterprise service level, pay attention to expand business chain.

The fifth is to improve the society responsibility consciousness of enterprise .

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