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Advantages of Ceramic Fiber over Refractory Bricks

Date:2015-12-24 09:57 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Compared to the refractory brick, the ceramic fiber has many advantages over it:
Advantages of Ceramic Fiber over Refractory Bricks
1) Low thermal conductivity
Its thermal conductivity is 1/6 of that of the insulation brick, so it can be used in the sidewall of high temperature furnaces to reduce the heat loss of the furnace sidewall. Also it has low thermal capacity and low heat storage, which is 1/7 of that of the refractory brick, so it can reduce the energy consumption it requires heating the furnace to the same temperature. 

2) Low bulk density
The bulk density of common ceramic fiber products is about 180 kg/m3, while that of the insulation brick is between 800-1300 kg/m3. The ratio between the two is 1:6. Therefore, when built the furnace lining with ceramic fiber, when the insulation performance is the same, the ceramic fiber lining is greatly thinner than the regular refractory materials. It can reduce the volume of the masonry and the thickness of the furnace and save construction materials. 

3) Convenient construction
Since the ceramic fiber has no expansion, there can be no expansion joints reserved. It can be cut according to the actual size requirements at the site. When there are accidents or the ceramic fiber is broken, it can be repaired partially without entire removal and repair. Therefore, it is convenient and saving. 

In addition, the ceramic fiber has good flexibility and softness and good thermal shock, so rapid temperature changes or mechanical shock will no damage the furnace. The batch furnace with ceramic fiber as the lining material can be heated and cooled rapidly. It can shorten the production cycle. 
Due to the above advantages, the ceramic fiber has aroused great interest and concern. Practice proves that, the ordinary ceramic fiber can be used as the lining in furnaces below 1000℃ which can reduce the energy cost by 15-30%, the middle grade ceramic fiber can be used in 1000-1300℃ furnaces which can reduce the energy cost by more than 30%, and the high grade ceramic fiber can be used in furnaces above 1300℃ which can reduce the energy cost by 10-30%
Nowadays, the insulation materials that can be used in thermal equipment include insulation bricks, insulation castables and insulation fibers, which can basically support the use. 

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