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What are the characteristics of ceramsite?

Date:2020-01-06 16:12 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1. Low density and light weight. The bulk density of ceramsite itself is less than 1100kg / m³, generally 300 ~ 900kg / m³. The density of concrete made with ceramsite aggregate is 1100 ~ 1800kg / m³, and the corresponding compressive strength of concrete is 30 ~ 4OMPa. The biggest feature of ceramsite is that it is hard on the outside and has many micropores on the inside. These micropores give the ceramsite a light weight. The density of No. 200 ceramsite concrete is about 1600kg / m³, while the density of ordinary concrete of the same label is as high as 2600kg / m³, which is 1000kg / m³.
2. Thermal insulation. Because ceramsite is porous inside, it has good thermal insulation properties. The thermal conductivity of concrete prepared with it is 0.3 ~ 0.8W / (m.k), which is 1 ~ 2 times lower than ordinary concrete. Therefore, ceramsite buildings have a good thermal environment.
3. Good heat resistance. Ceramsite has excellent fire resistance. Ordinary ceramsite concrete or ceramsite concrete blocks integrate heat insulation, earthquake resistance, frost resistance, fire resistance and other properties, especially the fire resistance is more than 4 times that of ordinary concrete. For the same refractory period, the thickness of ceramsite concrete is 20% thinner than that of ordinary concrete. In addition, ceramsite can also be mixed with Refractory concrete with fire resistance below 1200 ° C. At a high temperature of 650 ° C, ceramsite concrete can maintain 85% of its strength at room temperature. The ordinary concrete can only be 35% ~ 75% of the strength at room temperature.
4. Good seismic performance. The ceramsite concrete has good seismic performance due to its light weight, low elastic modulus, and good deformation resistance. Statistics show that the damage rate of brick-concrete buildings is 40% ~ 60%, the damage rate of frame structure clay hollow brick buildings is 33%, and the damage rate of ceramsite concrete buildings is only 5%. The seismic performance of ceramsite can be seen from this.
5. Low water absorption, good frost resistance and durability. Studies have shown that, whether precast or cast-in-place, indoor or outdoor, the steel bars contained are not rusted, and the carbonization depth measured is generally not greater than 30mm, and the strength can continue to increase in the later period. It can be seen that ceramsite concrete is an excellent building material, and more efforts should be made to promote its use.
6. Excellent impermeability. According to several tests, the permeability resistance of ceramsite concrete is better than ordinary concrete. Taking 20MPa ceramsite concrete and ordinary concrete as an example, after several tests for comparison, the permeability index of ordinary concrete is B6, while ceramsite concrete can reach B18 to B25. Therefore, ceramsite concrete is one of the excellent building materials for making dams and underground engineering.

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