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Hot Sale Sunrise Refractory Ceramic Blanket With High Quality And Lower Price

Date:2019-12-11 16:40 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Sunrise Refractory Ceramic Blanket Products are comprised of high-strength ceramic fibers spun from alumina-silica, mechanically needled and cross-locked through a unique forming process, to produce a resilient blanket with unexcelled handling strength and surface integrity. All ceramic fiber blanket products are completely inorganic and available in a variety of densities, thickness and temperature capabilities. Sunrise Refractory Ceramic Blanket Products offer excellent thermal and acoustical performance, high temperature stability, low heat storage, thermal shock resistance and are unaffected by water or oil, with thermal and physical properties restored upon drying.
1.Lightweight and low thermal conductivity
2.Excellent insulation at high temperature
3.Strong and abrasive, and can b used in tough environment
4.Good tensile strength 
5. No inflammability
The next thing to talk about is the general regulations on fire prevention of ceramic fiber blanket walls. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
1. The filling materials for the window wall and window sill wall shall be made of non-combustible materials. When the non-combustible body whose fire resistance limit is not less than 100h is used on the outer wall surface, the wall-filling material can be made of non-combustible material.
2. For glass curtain walls without window walls and window sill walls, non-combustible solid skirt walls with fire resistance of not less than 100h and height of not less than 0.8m shall be set on the outer edge of each floor.
3. The gap between the ceramic fiber blanket and each floor and partition wall should be tightly filled with non-combustible materials.
High-temperature thermal insulation for aerospace, iron and steel, petrochemical and electric power; fire-proof thermal insulation of military equipment; thermal insulation of industrial kiln, heating device wall lining, backing; ; Inorganic fire-resistant shutter door refractory layer; module, folding block raw materials.

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