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General requirements for refractory materials for glass kiln

Date:2018-07-09 16:38 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The general requirements for glass furnace refractories are:
1 Glass enterprise technicians shall conduct a detailed review of the selection, configuration, design, ordering, and masonry construction and maintenance plans for refractory materials for furnaces, and shall be specifically implemented by engineering and technical personnel and technical workers with professional experience.
The design and construction of refractory materials in the major technical renovation projects of new furnaces and melting furnaces must be completed by the design units and construction units with professional experience and corresponding qualifications.
2 The design of refractory materials for glass kiln should ensure the design kiln age of the furnace, the main goal of improving the quality of the glass liquid and reducing the energy consumption, and it is necessary to meet the technical and economic indicators of the predetermined melting furnace of the construction unit. The refractory materials used shall be in accordance with the current material standards and the provisions of this regulation, and the construction unit shall purchase according to the design requirements.
3 The masonry quality of glass kiln refractories has great influence on the kiln age. It must be constructed according to the design requirements and relevant construction regulations.
4 The baking, use and maintenance of the furnace are essential to ensure the design of the kiln age. The operating procedures should be based on the characteristics of the refractories used in each part and strictly followed.
5 During the cold repair of the melting kiln, the technical personnel of the glass enterprise shall organize a special person to analyze the damage of the refractory material of the whole kiln, and establish a file, especially to seriously analyze the cause of the damage of the refractory materials used in the weak parts of the kiln cold repair, and continuously improve the melting. The choice and configuration level of kiln refractories.
6 The production and application of refractory materials for melting furnaces should actively adopt new products and technologies that have been verified by technical appraisal and trial use.
7 The safety, labor protection and other matters concerning the production, masonry construction and use of refractory materials for furnaces must comply with the relevant national regulations.

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