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Zirconia increase sales of the international market will be a trend

Date:2017-11-16 14:58 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
 According to reports from relevant parties, the demand of zirconium corundum in the European market is still not active, but many people in the industry said that they are more optimistic about the market trend this year. In the past introduction, it talked about the improvement of the fused corundum corundum furnace to create a new situation, The development of the European market in this industry is a very good direction.
Head of a European end-user to Asian Metal said they recently purchased from the national market a number of corundum zircon sand particle size sand, the price of 670 US $ 5F FOB price / the source said they are still maintaining a small number of procurement stages It is estimated that the market price will drop slightly in March this year and is a normal market performance for the short-term upward and downward movements. Now fused zirconium corundum production process is relatively perfect, but also the increase in demand in foreign markets is a very important reason.
"We think the economy of most countries will recover in 10 years and the market demand for grinding wheel will gradually return to normal," said the source to Asian Metal, who disclosed that they planned to purchase 5,000 tons of zirconium corundum this year and the demand is not the same Very large numbers, but also a considerable number.
According to a European trader, Asian Metal said demand for zirconium corundum was still sluggish in the market this month. Some end-users just returned from vacation and the factory operating rate is still low. Many factories made it clear that they did not purchase corundum for the current month. This person is slightly optimistic about the market this year, that as the economy recovers, market demand will be slightly more active this year.
"I think the market demand will be even higher this year and the worst result will not be worse for 2011," said the source.
    Through the above instructions, Zhengzhou Tianyang fire will increase production efforts and open up domestic and foreign markets, will eventually have a new breakthrough in 2018.
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