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Refractory brick drying process billet crack reason

Date:2017-08-24 10:07 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin

About refractory brick drying process to produce billet crack basic reasons related content to bring you, interested in this knowledge friends do not miss.

1, humidity control is not good, the temperature kiln drying of each segment is no reasonable control, failed to meet the body at this time the drying temperature requirements;

2, the amount of hot air supply, the green body can not get fully dry;

3, do not fully understand the three stages of the drying process (flat temperature, high temperature, low temperature) the characteristics and requirements of the drying process;

4, the drying temperature curve is unreasonable, not meet the case body during the drying requirements of the temperature profile;

5, into the hot air, humidity and uneven, causing severe drying kiln temperature, thermal shock exists in some places, so the body uneven heating, drying uneven and unstable, thus resulting thermal stress on the body will destroy causing billet crack.


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