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Lightweight Insulation Application of Ceramic Fiber Board in Metallurgical Industry

Date:2017-02-08 11:11 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
A variety of kilns and industrial furnaces used in metallurgical industry, need high-temperature heating, because it will have a waste of energy with the temperature difference between inside and outside the furnace, and with the continuous improvement of production requirements, heavy traditional refractory material has been unable to adapt to the present requirements, then today we introduce  the application of ceramic fiber board and other new insulation materials in each furnace of metallurgical industry.
1. Soaking furnace
A soaking furnace is a furnace for heating ingots in a blooming plant. Soaking furnace is pit-shaped, the ingot heating temperature is 1200-1250 ℃, the work temperature within the furnace reaches up to 1350-1400 ℃, is the furnace of periodic thermal system.
Ceramic fiber board can be used for the furnace wall cold surface permanent insulation layer of soaking furnace, removable lid sealing groove (to replace the original sand sealing groove) and wall lining insulation of heat exchange room.
2. Pusher type continuous heating furnace
The steel ingot produced by the steel plant is heated by the soaking furnace, breakdown rolling mill rolling into a different shape, size of cogging blanks (slabs and billets). According to the continuous heating furnace thermal system, temperature system and furnace shape can be divided into two-stage, three-stage and multi-point heating type continuous heating furnace.

Lightweight Insulation Application of Ceramic Fiber Board in Metallurgical Industry

3. Stepping furnace
Stepping furnace is a mechanized furnace to rely on a special stepping machine to move the billet in the furnace.
Ceramic fiber board is generally used for preheating section wall lining material, heating, soaking section wall lining insulation, flue system wall lining material and hot air pipe bandage material.
4. Annular heating furnace
Annular heating furnace belongs to a continuous heating furnace, made of the annular furnace and rotary bottom. Annular heating furnace is mainly used to heat the round billet and other shaped billet (such as wheel rim blank), can also heat billet, generally used for steel forging and billet heating before rolling, can also be used as heat treatment heating.
5. Car-type furnace
The car-type furnace is a gap type variable temperature furnace, no regardless of section in furnace.

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