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Eight Standards for Ceramic Fiber Paper Gasket

Date:2016-05-30 16:38 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Any type of ceramic fiber gasket is required to ensure a long effective seal in a harsh environment. It should have the following 8 standards:
Eight Standards for Ceramic Fiber Paper Gasket
(1) Airtightness
For the media of a sealing system, the gasket leak does not occur within the work time at the recommended temperature and pressure.
(2) Compressibility
The contact surface of gaskets and flanges should be in good agreement after the link bolt is fastened, in order to ensure the sealing. 
(3) Creep resistance
The gasket should have good creep resistance under the influence of pressure and temperature load, or it will cause the bolt torque loss, resulting in the reducing of surface stress of ceramic fiber paper gasket and the system leakage.
(4) Resistance to chemical corrosion
The gasket should not be corrosive chemical media, and not corrode the media.
(5) Resilience
Even if the system is stable, there is a slight displacement between the two connected flanges due to the influence of temperature and pressure. The elasticity of the gasket should be able to compensate for this shift, in order to ensure tightness of the system.
(6) Anti-adhesion property
The gasket should be able to facilitate the removal from the flange after use. No binding.
(7) Non-corrosive
The gasket should have non-corrosion to the link flange. 
(8) High temperature resistance
The choice of ceramic fiber gasket should ensure its normal use at the lowest temperature and the highest temperature of the system.

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