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Classification And Application Of Ceramic Fiber

Date:2016-05-17 17:58 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber is a type of fibrous refractory material with advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, low specific heat and good resistance to mechanical shock. 
Classification And Application Of Ceramic Fiber
According to its mineral composition, it can be classified into glass fiber and polycrystalline fiber. Glass fiber is produced by the electrical resistance blown method (or spun) process and dry needling process. Polycrystalline fiber is made by the colloidal blown (or spun) process and high-temperature heat treatment process. 
There are various types of ceramic fiber. Based on the microscopic structure,  it can be divided into  amorphous (glass) fiber and crystalline fiber. Amorphous (glassy) material is a type of amorphous solid formed from the molten liquid under quenching conditions. 
Fibrous glassy substance is stable and has a certain degree of strength and elasticity at room temperature. However, when heated, due to the reducing of viscosity, glassy substances are crystallized. With the increase of fiber crystals, the growth of crystal grains and the sintering in the contact areas of fibers, the performance of fibers gradually degrades until the loss of fiber structure. The growth rate of crystal grains during the crystallization process is the key to the high temperature performance of fibers. 
According to the chemical composition and main crystal phase, polycrystalline fiber can be divided into:
  Classification temperature/℃ Service temperature/℃ Content/% Main crystal phase Manufacturing process
Polycrystalline mullite 1600 ≦1400 72-74 mullite the colloidal blown (or spun) process and high-temperature heat treatment process
80% polycrystalline alumina fiber 1600 ≦1500 80 Mullite, a small amount of δ-alumina and θ-alumina
80% polycrystalline alumina fiber 1600 ≦1500 95 δ-alumina and θ-alumina, a small amount of ɑ-alumina
polycrystalline zirconia fiber 1600 1600 98 Hexagonal crystal, tetragonal crystal

The quality of ceramic fiber is up to its properties. Its properties is the elevation standard of the quality of ceramic fibers and the basis for its selection. 
Currently ceramic fiber materials have been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, shipbuilding, transportation, light industry and cutting-edge science fields such as aerospace and atom. 
1)Sealing materials of the furnace door and the curtain of the furnace mouth;
2)High-temperature flue, liner of the air ducts and expansion joints;
3)The insulation of petrochemical equipment, containers and pipes;
4)Protective clothing, gloves, caps, helmets, boots in high-temperature environment;
5)The heat shield of car engines, wraps of heavy oil engine exhaust pipes, compound brake pads of high-speed racing cars;
6)Sealing packing and gaskets of pumps for transporting high-temperature liquid and gases, compressors and valves;
7)High temperature electrical insulation;
8)Fireproof sewn products such as fire doors, fire curtains, fire blankets, spark mats and insulation cover;
9)Insulation materials and friction brake pads in the aerospace and aviation industry;
10)Insulation for cryogenic equipment, containers and pipes;
11)Insulation and fire barrier for the important places in high-grade office buildings such as archives, vaults and deposit boxes. 

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