Brief analysis of the characteristics of refractory silica brick refractory products

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Silica brick refers to refractory products with SiO2 content above 93%. Caritas kiln silica bricks are made of silica with SiO2 content of not less than 96%.

They are added with mineralizers (such as iron scales and lime milk) and binders (such as sulfurous acid pulp waste liquid). , Drying, firing and other processes. The higher the SiO2 content in the silica raw material, the higher the fire resistance of the product. Impurities such as K2O.Na2O are harmful and will seriously reduce the resistance of refractory products. Impurities such as Fe2O3, CaO, and MgO act as fluxes. The raw materials of high-grade silicon brick need special treatment to remove impurities.

The mineral composition of silica brick is coexisting multiphase structure such as scaly quartz, cristobalite, a small amount of residual quartz, and glassy material formed at high temperature. The mineral composition fluctuates greatly depending on the silicon brick production process and the nature of the raw materials used.
Silica brick is an acid refractory material, which has a strong resistance to acidic slag or acidic molten metal erosion, but has a poor resistance to the erosion of alkaline substances, and is easily damaged by the action of oxides such as Al2O3, K2O, and Na2O. FeO, Fe2O3 and other oxides have good resistance.
A higher softening temperature under load is an excellent characteristic of silicon bricks, which is generally 1640 to 1680 ° C, which is close to the melting point of scaly quartz (1670 ° C) and the melting point of cristobalite (1713 ° C). The volume of silicon brick is stable in the range from 300 ℃ to close to the melting point (scaly quartz or cristobalite). When it is used, it will have a volume expansion of about 1.5% to 2.2% when heated to 1450 ℃, which is beneficial to ensure the structure of the masonry. Strength and air tightness.
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