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Do you know how refractory fibers are classified?

Date:2019-12-23 11:15 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The classification and use temperature of refractory fibers are as follows, that is, inorganic fibers include the following.
(1) Natural: 600C asbestos.
(2) Amorphous: including glass wool <400 "C; asbestos, rock wool <400C; slag wool <600 ° C; glassy quartz fiber 1000 ~ 1200C; aluminosilicate fiber (-general product <1200'C ; Add zirconia products <1200 ~ 1400C, high alumina <1200 ~ 1400C);
(3) Polycrystalline
Including fused silica fibers; high alumina fibers <1400C; zirconia fibers <1600C; potassium titanate fibers <1 100 ~ 1200 ° C; boron carbide fibers <1500 "C; carbon fibers <2500" C; boron fibers <1500C .
(4) Single crystal: including alumina <1800C; magnesia <1800 "C; silicon carbide <2000 ° C
(5) Composite fiber (multiphase)-tungsten: including boron <1700 ° C; silicon carbide <1900 ° C; boron carbide <1700'C.
(6) Metal fiber: including steel <1400C; carbon steel <1400 ° C; tungsten <3400C; molybdenum <2600C; beryllium <1280 ° C.
Do you know how refractory fibers are classified?
Refractories can be divided into amorphous and polycrystalline according to their microstructure.
The amorphous refractory fiber is AlO0, and the content is 45 ~ 60% of aluminum silicate fiber. It is made from high-temperature solution in the process of fibrillation and has an amorphous glass structure.
Fibers made of natural raw materials are called ordinary aluminum silicate refractory fibers; fibers made of pure alumina and silicon oxide are called high-purity aluminum silicate refractory fibers; those containing about 5% chromium oxide are called chromium-containing Aluminum silicate fiber; Al203 content of about 60% is called high alumina fiber.
Polycrystalline refractory fibers are mainly mullite fibers with Al2O3 content of about 70%, alumina fibers and zirconia fibers with Al2O3 content of about 95%. This type of fiber has a microcrystalline structure and the grain size is mostly in the tens of nanometers. The manufacturing method of polycrystalline refractory fiber includes a colloid method and a precursor method.

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