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Introduction and advantages of ceramic fiber module lining structure

Date:2019-04-15 16:58 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
According to different kinds of raw materials, ceramic fiber folding blocks can be divided into low temperature type (below 900 °C), standard type (below 1200 °C), high temperature type (1400-1600 °C) according to the use temperature, and more rock wool, glass wool, etc. Fiber insulation insulation materials have a much higher maximum temperature (500-700 ° C).
The ceramic fiber modular lining structure is to fold the ceramic fiber blanket into a organ-like ceramic fiber module according to a certain width, and then compress the ceramic fiber folding block by a certain amount, and must be bundled in a compressed state, and pre-embed the anchor to form a ceramic. The fiber module is a fiber wall lining structure which is fixed by various forms and metal anchors welded on the steel shell of the furnace shell.
The advantages of the ceramic fiber modular fiber wall lining structure of Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. are:
1. Simple construction, convenient installation, saving man-hours, no need to remove large areas when repairing fiber walls, just need to replace the fiber module of the damaged part to resume production quickly.
2. When the fiber module is processed, it adopts pre-compression, which can compensate the shrinkage of the component at high temperature, which not only reduces the heat shrinkage of the fiber wall lining, but also increases the service temperature by more than 50 °C compared with the traditional layered wall lining of the same condition. .
3. With excellent wind erosion resistance, the traditional layered fiber lining has a wind erosion resistance of 10m/s below 900°C, while the modular fiber lining allows wind erosion resistance up to 30 m/s.
4. The anchor of the fiber module is not exposed to the thermal surface of the fiber lining. It does not need to use expensive heat-resistant alloy, ceramic and nitride as anchors, which saves investment and reduces heat transfer, and also extends the use of anchors. life.
Because of its various advantages, the structure is increasingly used in the heating furnaces of ethylene cracking furnaces, reforming furnaces, and hydrogenation furnaces in the petrochemical industry. If you just need ceramic fiber modules, welcome to contact sunrise refractory materials, we have the best quality ceramic fiber modules and the most sincere service.

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