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Development of amorphous refractory products

Date:2017-12-19 16:55 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Although China's refractory materials have made great achievements in exporting Japan in recent years, it is necessary to further improve the competitiveness of China's refractory materials in the Japanese market and increase exports. We suggest that we should start with the following aspects.
(1) To further improve the quality of shaped refractory products Among the 72322t refractory materials exported to Japan in 1997, the shaped products amounted to 57026t, accounting for 78.9% of the total refractory material export volume.These shaped products mainly consisted of magnesia-carbon bricks for converter And outside the furnace with magnesia-chrome brick. Compared with the similar refractories made in Japan, these shaped refractories exported in China occupy obvious advantages in price (the price is about 25% lower than that in Japan), but there is still a long way to go in terms of quality and performance. For example, China's export of magnesia-carbon bricks are generally used only for furnace neck and puddle and other parts of the converter, while the slag line parts are still using Japanese-made products. In order to maintain and further expand the export of shaped refractory products in China, the quality of shaped refractory products in our country needs to be further improved. Compared with Japan's shaped refractory products, there is a special need to improve the bonding agent.
(2) Development of unshaped refractory products Refractory materials exported to Japan from China in 1997, of which the unshaped products accounted for only 21.1%, which is in proportion to the total output of refractory materials produced by Japan's amorphous refractory materials ( Greater than 60%) compared to the larger difference. Therefore, to increase the share of amorphous refractory products is to further expand China's refractory exports to Japan the main way. Compared with the shape of refractory materials, amorphous refractory materials involved in a wide range of applications more varieties. Therefore, to strengthen the basic research on amorphous refractory technology is of great significance to further promote the export of refractory materials in our country.

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