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The Purpose and Use Temperature of All Kinds of Refractory Brick

Date:2016-10-13 17:19 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Refractory brick is also called setting fire-resistant materials, high strength, easy construction, wide range of use, easy to draw materials, suitable for all kinds of industrial furnaces of masonry.

1. Physical and chemical indexes, size of common refractory fireclay brick, permit deviation and shape products section spallation, should comply with the rules.

Common refractory rick is used for refractory brickwork of general furnace kiln. The temperature of lining material, furnace wall, furnace bottom, flue is under 1250 ℃.Combustion chamber, allows

the use is more than 1400 ℃.

2. High alumina brick, the size of the product appearance, physical and chemical indexes, allowable deviation, etc, should comply with the rules. High alumina brick used in general principle of

high temperature resistance, wear resistant larger regional or load of masonry, burner brick and masonry with special requirement. The high temperature of the combustion chamber vault, allows

the use of temperature is 1300 ~ 1650 ℃.

3. The physical and chemical index of the light clay brick, allowable deviation in dimension and shape of requirements, should comply with the rules. Lightweight refractory clay brick, as is not

affected by high temperature slag and the furnace kiln lining erosion gas erosion, according to the different capacity, temperature is between 1150 ~ 1400 ℃.

4. Light weight aluminum bricks, physical and chemical indexes of the rules and regulations of the dimensions deviation should be allowed to meet. Refractory lining for working temperature

below 1350 ℃, can also be used for high temperature melt erosion and flushing action of masonry, can be directly contact with flame.

5. Low silicon fused alumina is suitable for the strong reducing atmosphere, hydrogen pressure, there is a high temperature steam. Such as a large ammonia plant, a reformer in the second

member of the tracheal lining and lining brick, high temperature furnace lining. The physical and chemical indexes of low silicon fused corundum brick, size deviation should be allowed to meet

norms. Low silicon fused corundum used temperature below 1600 ℃ ~ 1670 ℃.

6. General corundum brick is suitable for the working pressure of 3 mpa heavy oil gasifier under this surface lining, an important part of saline wastewater incinerator lining, working under high

temperature radiant burner brick.

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