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Why are These Furnaces not Suitable for Ceramic Fiber Modules?

Date:2019-09-29 16:47 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber modules are currently an ideal insulation material for thermal insulation and cost investment. The high cost performance makes ceramic fiber modules the darling of many industrial furnaces and electric heating equipment.
However, some high-temperature furnaces are not suitable for lining ceramic fiber modules, such as furnace environments with moisture.
What is the reason for this? We want to start with the thermal insulation properties of ceramic fiber materials.
The ceramic fiber module belongs to the inorganic refractory material, and the porosity is more than 96%. The heat preservation effect is achieved by the porosity. If the ceramic fiber module is invaded by water vapor, the original pore portion will be filled with moisture. As we all know, the thermal conductivity of water is very good, so the ceramic fiber module containing moisture will become an excellent heat conductor. Once the heat is transmitted to the steel plate through the module, causing the steel plate to deform, the consequences are unimaginable.
Once the ceramic fiber lining of the kiln is found to be wetted by water, it must be stopped immediately and handled under the guidance of a professional. In addition, not only the ceramic fiber module, the principle of heat preservation of all refractory cotton (aluminum silicate, glass fiber, etc.) is the same, and must be waterproof and moisture-proof during transportation, storage and use.
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