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How to choose refractory brick for float glass furnace?

Date:2019-09-05 16:21 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1. The thickness of the regenerator wall is generally 578mm, wherein the side wall and the end wall are composed of refractory bricks, bricks and bricks and insulation bricks. The expansion joints can be sectioned during the building. The partition wall is composed entirely of refractory bricks (two bricks and a half), and the expansion joints must be left at both ends of the partition wall.
2. The grate bar is a key part of the regenerator, and it must be ensured that it must be pulled through the line, and each grate cannot be skewed. The screed bricks are leveled with screed bricks, and the upper surface of the screed bricks should be leveled to facilitate the tiling of the tiling bricks. Float glass furnace kiln grate shovel work time is long, must be fine construction. At present, the most common method is to make the lower surface of the leveling brick suitable for the mud masonry. After the completion of the work, according to the requirements of the grate bricks to level the bricks, the height of the elastic line, and each brick is numbered, then the leveling bricks are removed, cut according to the line marks, and then re-striped according to the number position, press Elevate the wire and correct the height with an angle grinder.
3. After the rear wall of the regenerator is built to the height of the bottom of the small furnace, it shall be suspended, and the construction of the chest wall and the small furnace shall be carried out. The construction of the rear side wall can be continued after the small furnace slanting and the rear slab masonry are completed.
4. Lattice bricks are required to be vertical and horizontal. The checkered bricks produced by Corey Refractory are packaged according to positive and negative tolerances after inspection, and the tolerance range is indicated on the package. The same layer of checkered bricks requires the use of lattice bricks of the same tolerance range.
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