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What causes damage to the ceramic fiber module?

Date:2019-09-02 17:05 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1. The anchor is detached and the ceramic fiber module is peeled off.
The anchor plays a role in closely adhering to the container wall during the use of the ceramic fiber module, maintaining the integrity of the cast body and increasing the bending resistance of the module. In the part where the fiber module fell off, it was found through inspection that in many places, the anchors were detached, and only a few solder joints were left behind. It is obvious that the fiber module was caused by the nails being welded at the solder joints. Peel off into pieces.
2. Repeated and drastic changes in temperature cause ceramic fiber modules to be damaged quickly
The thermal shock stability of ceramic fiber modules is poor, and severe temperature changes can easily damage them. Take the cooling zone of the rotary kiln (especially at the kiln mouth) as an example. This place is not only subject to continuous erosion of clinker, but also continuously affected by secondary air and high temperature clinker in the kiln. The kiln lining material is sometimes buried under high temperature materials, sometimes exposed to the flame, causing the surface temperature of the lining to change synchronously with the rotation of the kiln. The temperature difference is above 200 °C, and the depth of influence is 15-20 mm. According to the kiln speed 3.5r/ In the calculation of min, this periodic temperature rise and fall repeatedly causes thermal fatigue of the surface layer of the module; if the cold kiln, the temperature change is more severe. They are all responsible for the damage to the module.
3. Construction reasons
Ceramic fiber modules have a strict set of construction requirements and must be operated in accordance with this requirement to ensure good physical properties of the fiber modules. For example, a company decided to replace the top module of the high temperature zone of the grate cooler. In order to ensure that the fire was put into operation according to the scheduled schedule, the construction team used integral casting, and did not reserve expansion joints according to regulations. At the same time, in order to facilitate construction, the water consumption was significantly different than the required amount. Big. What is more serious is that the ignition is warmed up immediately after the construction is completed, and the materials are put on schedule. Due to the rapid rise of temperature, the temperature of the fiber module rises sharply, and the internal moisture evaporates rapidly, causing a large expansion stress, which causes the module to burst and peel off, causing a large area falling off accident.

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