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Advantages of Sunrise Refractory Ceramic Fiber Module for Sales

Date:2019-08-13 15:44 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
When the sunrise refractory ceramic fiber module is made, the choice of raw materials is very cautious. Today, I will briefly introduce to you some of the indicators for the selection of raw materials for  sunrise refractory ceramic fiber module.
Variety and performance: The most important indicator of ceramic refractory fiber is the diameter and thermal stability of the fiber. Al2O3SiO2 fibers are commonly used in the ceramic industry. According to the content of Al2O3, they are divided into different ranges of use, and Cr2O3 materials are also introduced to improve their fire resistance and oxidation resistance. Generally, the fiber product having a high alumina content and a low content of impurities such as iron oxide is pure white, and the fiber into which the chromium oxide is introduced is colored with a creamy yellow color. The ceramic fibers have an average diameter of 22 to 33 microns.
The ceramic fiber module has excellent properties such as temperature resistance, heat insulation, light weight and thermal shock resistance. Due to the wall lining of the ceramic fiber module, the furnace wall is light and the heat capacity is low, which can effectively increase the heating rate of the furnace, shorten the furnace operation cycle, and improve the furnace operation rate and operation flexibility. Because the furnace wall is light, no thermal expansion stress, and thermal shock resistance, the furnace steel can be saved significantly, and the high-efficiency and light kiln structure can be realized.
The ceramic fiber module replaces the traditional heavy refractory material as the industrial furnace wall lining material, which can effectively strengthen the thermal insulation structure of the industrial furnace, can effectively control the heat loss of the furnace body, and achieve the energy-saving effect. After the furnace is completed, it can be warmed up and put into production without the need of an oven program.
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