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The Best Quality Ceramic Fiber Modules For Sale of Sunrise Refractory

Date:2019-07-10 16:18 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Zhengzhou sunrise Refractory Material Co., Ltd. has introduced a new refractory lining product and ceramic fiber module to replace the traditional heavy refractory material to simplify and accelerate the kiln construction and improve the lining integrity. The kiln masonry technology has been promoted.
Sunrise Refractory's ceramic fiber modules have many advantages over other ceramic fiber modules on the market:
Excellent chemical stability; excellent thermal stability; excellent elasticity, the module is in pre-stressed state. After the lining is completed, the expansion of the module makes the lining without gaps, and can compensate the shrinkage of the fiber lining to improve the insulation of the fiber lining. Excellent performance, good overall performance; excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance; the ceramic fiber module is installed quickly, and the anchor is placed on the cold surface of the wall lining to reduce the requirements of the anchor material. Insulation design and construction training can be carried out according to different furnace types of customers.
The ceramic fiber template of Zhengzhou sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. has a wide application range and is widely used in the lining insulation of kiln in the petrochemical industry; the lining of the kiln in the metallurgical industry is insulated; the lining of the kiln in the building materials industry such as ceramics and glass is insulated; The furnace lining of the heat treatment furnace of the industry is insulated; other industrial furnace linings.
Zhengzhou sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. has a good service and quality products, and is constantly recognized and trusted by new and old customers and industry insiders. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and hope that our future cooperation will be enjoyable!

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